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Provincial Road No. 1
1. When you are at Shinchun → turn to South 181 (to Danei) → then turn to South 182 for Nanying Astronomy Park, or to South 182-1 for Toushe Public Shrine and Siraya Park
2. When you are at Shanhua → turn to South 171 and pass Shanhua Interchange of National Highway No. 3 to Danei
3. When you are at Dugitou → turn to South 171 for Shetzu → turn to South 119 for Nan Pao Golf Country Club and Toushe Public Shrine

National Highway No. 3
1. Go down Shanhua Interchange → turn to South 178 for Danei → Danei Bridge →turn left to Shinchun and Danei military camp
2. Go down Guantian Interchange System → East-West fast road No. 84 to Yujing
(1) Toushe Interchange → Siraya paternity Park, Toushe Public Shrine, and Nan Pao Golf Country Club
(2) Dapaolun Interchange → Nanying Astronomy Park
(3) Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm

Provincial Road No. 20(Yunan Highway)
Turn to South 178 for ShanSun → turn to South 184 for Nanying Astronomy Park