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Birth: 1964
●Secretary of the Representative Committee of Xuejia Township, Tainan County
Chief Secretary,Syuejia District Office Tainan City
Chief Secretary,Rende District Office , Tainan City
●Chief of Administrative Division, Danei District Office Tainan City
Inauguration date:September 25, 2020     
District Office Address: No.1 Danei Village, Danei District, Tainan City
Phone Number: (06) 576-1001 
Hello, everyone:
The culture and history of Ouchi can be traced back to the Sila Yapingpu ethnic group. Under the joint development with the Han people, today’s nature, culture and industry have been formed. The unique chalk terrain is spectacular and charming, and the agricultural specialties such as avocado, Mango, papaya, etc., are rich and sweet throughout the year. From September to October every year, the sweet seed grasses on both sides of Zengwenxi show flower spikes, and a white piece of grass seems to be wandering in the Milky Way. Simple and friendly farmers and folks, rich ancient style Folklore, the vast green grasslands and rural scenery walking through the Marse farm, the observatory with a glimpse of outer space... It is a paradise in the hearts of urban people.
On the basis of such great resources, we have great opportunities to combine tourism with organic agriculture. It is my pleasure and honor to work with all my fellow people in Danei for the development of our prosperity in the future.
I wish you all healthy and have peace in life.
                                                                                        District Chief