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Natural Environmen

Danei District is located east of Tainan City, on the border of the mountainous area with Jianan Plain, adjacent to Liuchia District on the north, Guantian and Shanhua on the west, Shanshang on the south, and Yuching and Nanhsi on the east. It has a land area of approximately 70.3125 square kilometers, with a population of more than 10,000 people.
70% of the land in Danei is is formed of hills at low altitude lawns,, through which Tsengwen River flows. As the district is located in the upper reaches, its land has not yet been contaminated; it still retains a landscape that looks picturesquely green, especially when it is seen from the air. Thanks to the long and winding Tsengwen River, which cuts through hills and mountains, the particular terrain Of Moon World is given a charming shape. The river is abundant with fish and clams. When autumn comes, reed flowers would bloom on the banks of Tsengwen River, creating a vast expanse of white flowers that adds to Danei an atmosphere of beauty and sadness.