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Organization of Danei District Office, Tainan City

Organization of Danei District Office, Tainan City
In accordance with Article 2 of the District Office Organization Regulations of Tainan City, each district of Tainan City shall have a district chief, appointed by the mayor and subject to the guidance and supervision of Tainan City Government Bureau of Civil Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the Bureau) to govern the overall management of district affairs and take charge of supervision over its staff. In accordance with Article 3 of the same regulations, the district chief shall also take charge of the police administrative area, agencies responsible for firefighting, household, and health, primary and secondary schools, and the district cleaning teams; assisting in the implementation of local government autonomy; and directing the public and the district office to perform work assigned by superiors. The implementation of district-level prevention and relief shall be subject to the control and supervision of district chief. In respect to the transferal of authority, the district chief shall surrender the authority of command and supervision to any municipal-level on-site commander or his designee upon the arrival of such commander at the site of disaster.
The organization of Danei District Office constitutes the following divisions and offices, which are respectively responsible for matters authorized by municipal government of Tainan City (Article 4, paragraph 1, item 3 / Article 6 – 8, District Office Organization Regulations of Tainan City):


Organization of Danei District Office, Tainan City
Division of Civil Affairs and Cultural Activities
Autonomous administration, elections, district level disaster prevention and relief, management of village activity centers, environmental health promotion, mediation services, funeral services, religious rituals and rites, public ceremonies and sacrifices, military administration, land government, 375 rent reduction, civil defense, control of non-urban land, aboriginal and Hakka affairs, library management, compulsory education, sports, culture and arts, community arts, celebrations, historical records and documentation, tourism promotion, and any other matters related to civil affairs and cultural activities.
Division of Social Affairs
Administration of social affairs, social welfare, social assistance, public health insurance, national pension, labor administration, community development, management of community centers, new immigrant services, civil association counseling, refugee shelters, employment counseling, and any other matters related to social affairs.
Division of Agriculture and Construction
Administration and investigation of agriculture, forestry, fishery, and animal husbandry; agricultural extension, civil engineering, traffic management, water resources and infrastructure engineering, general construction, maintenance engineering, management of street lamps and trees, construction and maintenance of sports venues and centers start, illegal building investigation report, maintenance and management of district parks, parking management, business management, and any other matters related to agriculture and construction.

Division of General Affairs
Documents, seals, archives, general affairs, meetings, cashier work, research and development, information, legal matters, public relations, and any other matters not subject to other divisions or sections.
Personnel Office
Personnel management
Annual revenues, accounting and statistics.
Government Ethics Office
Supervision of any matters related to government ethics.