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Post Date: 2014/12/27 下午 06:56:39

District Chief:Name: Hyun- Tsuen Lee Birth: 1960   Inauguration date: December 25, 2014

Name: Hyun- Tsuen Lee
Birth: 1960
  Deputy Director of Counseling Center for Military Reservists, Yongkang City, Tainan County
 Government Office Staffer of Finance Section and Market Administrator, Yongkang City, Tainan County
Chief of Administrative Division, Danei District Office, Tainan City District Chief, Danei District Office, Tainan City
  Inauguration date: December 25, 2014     
District Office Address: No.1 Danei Village, Danei District, Tainan City
Phone Number: (06) 576-1001 
Hello, my fellow people:
The history of Danei can be traced back to the time of Pingpu tribe. The natural environment, culture and industries were formed as a result of their working together with Chinese immigrants. The Tsengwen River area, with the charming terrain of Moon World along its sides, is rich in fish and clams, together with longan, mango, pineapple, avocado, papaya, lychees, and oranges as its local specialties. These fruits are abundant all year round. The hearty, simple farmers and folks, the rich folk antiquities and heritages, the vast Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm and countryside scenery, the observatory that offers a glimpse of outer space—all these are encompassed here to be a paradise for people from the city.
On the basis of such great resources, we have great opportunities to combine tourism with organic agriculture. It is my pleasure and honor to work with all my fellow people in Danei for the development of our prosperity in the future.
I wish you all healthy and have peace in life.
                                                                                        Hyun- Tsuen Lee
                                                                                        District Chief